Shake Shack Is Rolling Out A Bacon Menu To Make Your Summer Awesome

Shutterstock/shake shack

If you’re anything like me, then the beginning of summer is a little bit of hell for you. Like millions of Americans (actually people world-wide), you, too, probably made a staunch resolution to get your body right by the time beach season rolled around and are now grieving the fact that no matter what anyone on Instagram says, cheeseburgers really do taste better than feeling thin.

So what now, friend? Do you don all black and wallow? Refuse to go outside? Wear a t-shirt into the pool even though it makes you feel even grosser and yearn for the sweet release of death? No, you eat another cheeseburger to ease your sorrows! Flavor it with the salt from your tears!

While you have many options from whence to procure the beef/cheese/carb combo that you crave, everyone knows that any food item you can think of — up to and including Goulash! — can be made better with bacon (even though new research suggests that both bacon and fries will kill you). And if you’re one of the lucky people that live in the vicinity of a Shake Shack you can make this the best summer ever without ever having to go outside long enough to be zapped by the sun’s harmful rays.

Here’s what The Shack (does anyone call it that? Because we’re starting!) is rolling out: A bacon cheeseburger topped with Niman Ranch bacon; a double-bacon cheeseburger if you want more than one burger but don’t have the energy to order two (it’s hot, okay); and bacon fries with two types of cheese. All delicious heart attacks just waiting to happen!

The menu’s only available for a limited time so get down there and start stockpiling.

(Via Brand Eating)