Science Has Uncovered Another Very Important Reason To Camp

02.06.17 1 year ago

Mike Erskine, Unsplash

Sleep is a crucial part of our day to day lives. We need at least eight hours per night or our health begins to suffer. Sadly, up to 40 percent of us are not getting those eight hours in. Our lifestyles — in which busy-ness is a matter of pride — has led to the average American getting less and less sleep every single decade since World War II. With the advent of smart devices and the constant glare of the black mirror, it has gotten much easier to distract ourselves instead of getting all that nourishing sleep.

Well, we should probably try and stop that according to a new study about our sleep patterns and exposure to light.

A study published in Current Biology tested our circadian clocks (that’s fancy science talk for our internal clocks) and how artificial and natural light conversely effects our sleeping patterns. They sent out two groups, group one went to the woods to camp using only “only sunlight, moonlight and campfires for illumination.” The second group stayed in well lit and well connected homes. There was a marked difference in the sleep patterns.

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