This ‘Game Of Thrones’ Opening Featuring An Old Man Eating Soup Is Better Than The Original


The season premiere of Game of Thrones destroyed viewership records. 10.1 million people tuned in to watch the show (by contrast, the previous record for the show was 8.9 million viewers for the season 6 finale). If that already seems like a lot, you should take into account the fact that HBO estimates that with the addition of HBOGo and HBONow viewers streaming the show, the number is closer to 16 million. That’s a lot of eyes on Arya Stark.

One of the most exciting moments for any GOT fan is when the opening theme begins to play. Visually, we’re transported on an epic journey through Westeros. There’s no way this opening could possibly be better, right? Well, what if instead of feeling like we are flying over an origami version of the Seven Kingdoms, we were just watching an old man eating tomato soup?

If that doesn’t sound exciting to you, that’s probably because you haven’t yet watched this well-made parody video. The video actually came out a few years ago, but was posted by ClickHole over the weekend in honor of the Game of Thrones Premiere on Sunday night. You can’t possibly watch this without getting the same goosebumps that cover your body while watching the HBO version. Don’t believe me? Check out the video below:

Then, compare it to the original version:

As the very soup-centric video begins, instead of a band featuring all of the different houses of Westeros moving around the white hot sun, we see a burner that was likely used to heat up said soup. From there, the rest of the video features of the most artistic shots of a man eating soup ever filmed. The cuts are so good, they could potentially swap out of the original opening and some people might not even notice. It wouldn’t be the silliest choice the show has ever made (we’re looking at you Ed Sheeran).

It makes you wonder what other TV theme songs would be perfectly paired with meals. I bet Mr. Belvedere’s theme would pair really well with a nice Reuben sandwich and Mission Impossible would work well with a really spicy burrito.