Spotify Is About To Let Your Dates Judge Your Musical Taste


Dating is hard, and the internet has arguably made it harder. These days, presenting your best self so your date won’t judge you requires locking down social media just enough so they can find you, but not enough that they think you have something to hide; avoiding looking like a weirdo on a dating site, which is more or less impossible; and studying the science behind Tinder. Now, Spotify is adding to the pre-date clutter by posting your musical tastes on your dating profile.

Spotify and Bumble have announced a partnership where you can connect your profiles so that potential dates can see which artists you listen to the most. How this can backfire is almost immediately obvious to anybody who’s looked at their most-played list in horror. If you use Spotify as audio wallpaper, your most listened-to artists and your actual favorites might be very, very different. Also, the fact that you found a deep cut of Rednex hilarious enough to listen to seven times might really cause a wrinkle.

The good news is that this is opt-in and that private Spotify sessions aren’t pasted to your profile, so anything genuinely shameful you can keep to yourself. Who knows, it may prove useful for spotting dates that just aren’t going to work — because there’s only so much EDM or bro-country a human being can be expected to take. But we’d propose one useful change to this, if Spotify and Bumble are listening: Make musical tastes visible only to people sharing their own. At least that way we can limit the judgement to two people mutually willing to put themselves out there.

(via Gizmodo)