Want To Make A Match? Here’s The Science Behind What Makes People Swipe Right On Tinder

If you have yet to find love, twoo love, then you’re probably familiar with swiping right versus swiping left. Or rather, swiping left, swiping left, swiping left, swiping left…pausing…swiping left again…and maybe throwing a right swipe or two in there for good measure. But only if you’re feeling truly generous.

What makes us swipe right anyway, and why are we so conservative with our approval? Bustle asked experts this very question in the most recent episode of their web series, “Love, Factually.”

What it comes down to is a bit surprising. Yes, we all tend to like symmetrical, healthy-looking faces, but preference varies from person to person, based on life experiences. And here’s something else: we tend to prefer faces similar to ours. As in — a scientific study actually showed that we’ll swipe right for faces morphed with our own. Because deep down inside, we’re all a little narcissistic.

But wait, there’s more! The video also gives plenty of tips for taking a right-swipeworthy profile picture. Women, slather on the red lipstick and look directly at the camera, preferably outdoors. Men, take off your shirt, get a pet to hold, and practice that mysterious, broody look. (Basically do everything that Amy Schumer says not to.)

Check out the video for all the sciency stuff, and way more photo tips.