These Iconic Street Foods Are Getting The Chef Treatment

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Street food is by definition down and dirty, fast, cheap, and filling. It’s for those of us who just don’t have the time to ponder a menu, order courses, and pontificate over the remoulade’s base. It’s food that’s meant to be eaten on the go. And it’s great. But it’s often the cheapest ingredients prepared in the fastest ways — which isn’t always the best for us.

So we’ve taken a look at some chefs around the world who are trying something a little different with some of our street food favorites. Below you’ll find a small collection of street food that chefs are bringing indoors and turning up to 11.

Street Corn

This Mexican mainstay of street cuisine is making its way across the United States. And with good cause, it’s goddamned delicious. The original is a steamed or grilled cob of corn buttered and covered in a hard cheese and a smattering of other sauces (often crema). Chefs are taking that foundation, removing the corn from the cob, and amping up the sauces to make a bombastic and fantastic version of the iconic street treat.

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