Eat Here Now: A Michelin Starred Chef Just Opened A Food Truck And It Looks Amazing

Food truck culture continues to boom. In less than a decade, these mobile kitchens have transformed from random (but passable) places to grab a bite, to some of the most innovative incubators for cheffing talent on earth. Why? Low overhead = lower risk. It’s also a great chance for a chef to prove a concept, like a rapper dropping a mixtape. The scene has exploded so rapidly that even Michelin starred chefs are getting in on the game. Enter Chef Daniel Humm’s NoMad Truck.

Chef Humm rose to worldwide acclaim when Eleven Madison Park earned three Michelin stars, the group’s top honor. Chef Humm rolled with the game and opened up the restaurant in the acclaimed NoMad Hotel on Broadway. It was another win for the chef. And now you don’t have to go back east to taste the delights of NoMad’s menu, you can get a taste from the NoMad Truck as it takes to the streets of Los Angeles.

The menu undulates along with the whims of its chef and the guest chefs who grace the truck’s grills. Chicken sandwiches seem to be the cornerstone of the menu and often come topped with truffle aioli and frisse on a humble sesame bun. They also serve fries and what LAMag calls the “fanciest, best hot dogs” in the city. That’s bold claim that makes tracking down this truck a top priority.

Update: This is a scouting mission for brick and mortar project, so hit it up ASAP. Find the truck on Twitter and Instagram.

(Via Los Angeles Times)