Your Dreams Of Thin Mint Cereal Have Finally Come True

02.07.17 2 years ago 2 Comments

Thanks to a collaboration between General Mills and the Girl Scouts of America, we can finally eat cookies for breakfast. Well, we could always eat cookies for breakfast. But, now we won’t need to feel as bad about it. We’ve already seen Girl Scout cookies baking mixes, why not cereal?

There’s no denying that Girl Scout cookies are amazing (but which ones are the best?). It’s hard to pick our favorite when there’s such classics as Do-Si-Dos, Thin Mints and Caramel Delites. It’s just a shame that those pesky Girl Scouts have created such a supply and demand struggle. They’ve monopolized the greatest cookies ever created and we’re forced to buy them directly from the source. Why can’t they just sell them in a store? It’s about “helping Girl Scouts learn the skills they need to succeed in life and make the world a better place,” says the official website.

Blah blah kid, just give me the cookies.

Now, General Mills (known for Cheerios, Chex and Lucky Charms), has decided to cut out the middle man. They’ve collaborated with the Girl Scouts to create two cookie-themed cereals. And no, they aren’t the less-than exciting flavors like shortbread or lemonades. The limited-edition cereals are: Thin Mints and Caramel Crunch (based off Caramel Delites). Bam! The two best cookie flavors are now delicious breakfast cereals.

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