Here Are The Amazing Things You Can Purchase Instead Of Buying A House In Your State

04.20.16 2 years ago


If family comedies have taught us anything, it’s that buying a home is a surefire way to turn life into a zany adventure that will ultimately bring everyone just a little closer together. On the flip side, horror films have taught us that sinking all that money into real estate will either put you on the receiving end of a home invasion or a terrifying haunting that will eventually be badly reviewed by Rotten Tomatoes. Not convinced one way or the other? Let this map describing exactly what you could afford if you weren’t buying a home in your state help make up your mind.

Estately, which has recently brought us informative maps about where to move if you want to smoke weed all day and the most embarrassing things people are searching for in the state you’re proud to call home, has now brought us something even more important: The knowledge that in California, you’d have to make the difficult decision of whether to buy a house or throw a party at which Nickelback will play a selection of their greatest hits for you (with a $341,700 price tag). Tough decision, right? Buy some place to live or hear “How You Remind Me,” played live (the way it was meant to be heard).


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