Dad-Of-The-Year Surprised A Bride By Booking Tim McGraw For Their Father/Daughter Dance

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If there’s anyone who understands and venerates the bonds of holy matrimony, it’s Tim McGraw. He’s been married to his wife, aka fellow country superstar Faith Hill, for coming up on 20 years this October. That’s like two centuries in celebrity marriage years.

So it’s not that surprising that McGraw agreed to show up at a fan’s wedding this weekend and make her the happiest bride in, well, possibly the country? This past Saturday in Philadelphia, Secane residents Lisa White (no relation) and Paul Getz tied the knot and got a surprise Tim McGraw show all in one. reports that White’s father — not one to let a big day go unnoticed — somehow convinced Tim McGraw to show up and play “My Little Girl” for the father/daughter wedding dance. I’m really more interested in how he has connections like that than I am in seeing more about McGraw’s appearance at a random wedding. Or maybe that’s just the jealousy talking.

After playing the event-related hit, McGraw, who was accompanied by Kurt Titchenell and Philly wedding band extraordinaire Jellyroll, kept rolling through his hits, including the gripping “Live Like You Were Dying.” Check out the Instagram above to catch a snippet and a longer video via Facebook below of McGraw singing both tracks.

Luckily, the groom is a Tim McGraw fan too, and posted a selfie of himself, his new bride, and Tim:

Looks like Lisa made the right choice when it comes to lifelong happiness.

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