Your Worst Tinder Matches Are Probably Still Better Than This Guy Who Keeps Dining And Dashing On Dates


Blind dates are hard. There are so many unknowns like, ‘Will they use deodorant?’ ‘What if they chew like a cow… but worse?’ and ‘Will we have enough to talk about?’ Even harder than a regular old blind date however, is a blind date with a rude, felonious, maniac like Paul Gonzales.

You see, Paul Gonzales has made a reputation for himself as a serial dine-and-dash dater after abandoning three different women in the middle of an expensive meal. According to CBS Los Angeles, three women have come forward to share their experiences. One woman told reporters:

She says after he scarfed down most his meal he got up.

“He left maybe half a baked potato and then received a phone call and said ‘I need to take this call,’ ” the woman recalled.

She says he never returned, leaving her with the bill.

“The waiter came back and said he’s not out there, is this a first date? And I said: ‘yes, this is a first blind date, and he said, ‘he’s gone.’

Seriously, dude? How messed up do you have to be to take advantage of these women. They’re using this app which is silly and uncomfortable, putting themselves out there, subjecting themselves to some serious vulnerability, and this is how you treat them? Low.

Another woman told CBS:

“[He was] very complimentary, very chatty, seemed to have similar interests,” she said.

The woman said things got weird when he ordered over $100 worth of food for himself.

“This guy is obnoxious,” she thought. “First of all, who orders two entrees? But he excused it by saying he was a bodybuilder.”

She said when she didn’t reciprocate his advances, he took off and left her holding the check.

“He says ‘I’m going to the bathroom, I’ll be right back’ and he never did,” she said.

It gets even worse. Los Angeles police shared that somehow this guy allegedly did the same thing at a hair salon! He walked in, sat down, got his ears lowered, and fled, STILL WEARING THE SMOCK, without paying.

We all know how this movie ends, Gonzales sets up another date, thinks he’s going to dip but ALAS! could he actually be falling in love? The pair finish their meal, split the bill, and walk along the beach for hours, talking, until Gonzales must confront the truth. Will his date forgive Gonzales’ shallow manipulation or call the police because this dude’s a criminal? We vote for a swift kick in the dick and a call to the cops!

(Via CBS LA)

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