Tennis Star Genie Bouchard Now Owes A Random Guy A Date After The Patriots Comeback

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Super Bowl LI provided a cautionary tale against getting overly confident when a team has a massive lead in the second half.

The Atlanta Falcons watched as Tom Brady and the Patriots stormed back to send the game into overtime and then win on the first possession with 31 unanswered points for a 34-28 win. Atlanta fans knew better than to get too cocky, as disappointment is the norm for Atlanta sports teams.

Some non-Atlantans had a little too much faith in the Falcons when they went up 28-3, including Canadian women’s tennis star Genie Bouchard who now finds herself owing a random Twitter user a blind date due to her blind faith in Atlanta.

Whoops. Well, salute to this Tiger Woods fan from Chicago who lives in Missouri. You now have a date with Genie Bouchard. As for Bouchard, she has learned her lesson that you never count out Touchdown Tom.

We’ll have to wait and see if and when this date actually happens how it goes, but other famous people should learn from this and not accept date bets on Twitter because you might have to pay up when something crazy goes down. Or, maybe the lesson is to always shoot your shot on Twitter because Tom Brady might land you a date with Genie Bouchard.