It’s Cheap Flights Season — Here Are Some Insane Deals You Can Book Right Now

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It may be hard to accept, but the truth is that travel doesn’t have to be more expensive than life at home. It can even be less expensive, depending on where you go and when. You spend money everyday at home, don’t you? That cash could easily be spent seeing someplace new. Yet, cost is often cited as the biggest barrier to travel. And while that’s fair for many people, it shouldn’t stop anyone from searching for a good deal. Especially in those moments when you have a little extra cash.

“Little cash” is the operative phrase today. Budget airlines and apps are making inexpensive travel easier and less expensive and with the US travel industry suffering a “Trump Slump,” deals abound. So we’ve rounded up a few amazing fares floating around the internet. By the time you read this these may not even be the best deals anymore. Saving serious cash on travel means you have to set alerts on your phone, shop deals on websites, follow #ErrorFares and @secretflying on Twitter, be completely flexible, and be inquisitive all the time. So here’s a start.

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