The Hottest Eco-Lodges, Co-Living Spaces, And Hotels For Your 2017 Travel List

Editorial Director, Life
02.07.17 6 Comments
A few weeks ago, we covered the hot travel trends for 2017. A few days later, we featured the Top Ten Hostels of the Year. Now we’re looking at hotels, eco-resorts, and co-living spaces — with a focus on properties so special that they become a cornerstone of your adventure.

Some of these properties are pricey. Some are very pricey. That’s not really the issue here. What we’re concerned with is value-per-dollar and that’s where these 10 spaces shine. You might sleep in the jungle for two weeks then break the bank Kardashian-style at Villa Manzu. Or maybe you sail the world on the cheap, before holing up at the Brando with Leo. It’s your dream, we’re just here to facilitate.

So check out our 2017 top 10, follow up with some research, and pin a few new spots on your travel vision board. This is your year.

— Steve Bramucci, Travel Editor
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