How An Independent Movie Turned A Tiny Island Off Of Sicily Into A Bucket List Destination

Life Writer
09.11.16 2 Comments

How many times have you watched a film set in some far-flung locale and been overtaken by the urge to head straight to the airport? It’s hard to watch Dr. Jones galavant across the globe and not want to be his quip-hurling sidekick. Some movies inject us with an undeniable sense of wanderlust for places we may have never even heard of before. I watched the newly released on blu-ray A Bigger Splash (with an exceptionally radiant Tilda Swinton and Ralph Fiennes in top form), the film revealed a tiny island I knew that I had to experience for myself.

Deep in the Mediterranean there’s a small volcanic island that myth says was the love den of Calypso and Odysseus. The island’s thermal output makes it look like the hammers of the gods formed it. It’s called Pantelleria and — it’s at once ruggedly jagged and ravishingly beautiful.

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