Get Ready For ‘Rogue One’ By Visiting 17 Exotic ‘Star Wars’ Locations

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Lucas Film/Disney

TheStar Warsuniverse has always celebrated outsiders with a deep sense of wanderlust. Luke and Rey just wanted to ditch their sleepy homes, Han is a “loner, ramblin’ through the galaxy in his old muscle car,” and Jyn Erso reminds us that she’s a rebel in every single Rogue One trailer. The series taps into our deeply ingrained yearning to race off to faraway places and have grand adventures. It’s about choosing your life and really living it. Well… that and space wizards.

When The Force Awakens came out, we created a comprehensive Tatooine and Endor travel guides. But with the buzz over Rogue One: A Star Wars Story heating up, we thought we’d look at a wider range of locales — all of which add to the exotic, worldly aesthetic of the Star Wars universe.



Lucas Film/Disney

Tatooine is the most well know location in the Star Wars universe. The home of Anakin and Luke has appeared in multiple movies and its two suns have become iconic.

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