Tons Of Laptops Are Left Behind During The Holidays, So TSA Is Using Twitter To Help Return Them

It can be incredibly stressful traveling during the holidays. But try not to let your upcoming conversation with your racist Uncle Ted distract you from keeping track of your belongings! As seen in this instagram photo from a TSA rep on Sunday, hundreds of laptops are lost and unclaimed every holiday season:

TSA reminds travelers that the most common way laptops get lost is when another traveler stacks their bin on top of yours. So even in the bustle and slog of getting through security, remember to mentally log how many bins you used!

But if the unthinkable happens and you lose your laptop buddy, have no fear! The TSA is ready to help you reconnect with your belongings.

They write, “When a laptop is left behind, it’s recorded in the lost and found log at the airport and stored in a secure location. If you leave a laptop (or anything else) behind, you can access a list of lost and found phone numbers for each airport at, or you can reach out to our AskTSA team via Twitter or Facebook Messenger.”

So remember, you can tweet your information and lost item directly to ASK TSA and they will help track down your lost items. You can also search their database by airport here!

And finally, just in case, TSA recommends taping a business card or your phone number to the inside of your laptop so they can attempt to contact you when they find your lost laptop.

Happy traveling!

(Via Mashable )