Find The Perfect Travel Gift For The Vagabond On Your List

Finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list is an annual challenge. But if you’re lucky enough to have a travel-lover to buy for this year, we’re about to make your life a whole lot easier. Below you’ll find a ton of great gift ideas suitable for almost every type of globetrotter — from the adventurous vagabond to… the adventurous little vagabond.

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For Travel Photographers

A. Sony – a6000 – This is the go-to camera for advanced amateur travel photographers. Its compact size means you can take it anywhere, its interchangeable lenses allow you to dial into the perfect shot and its ultra-fast autofocus makes it the perfect camera for taking great photos while on-the-go and without all the fuss. Plus it’s both WiFi and NFC enabled — meaning you can share photos from the camera to your phone for easy posting on social media. In summary: it’s got helpful, professional-level features, without the professional-level price tag. BUY IT HERE for $548

B. Catalyst – Waterproof Case for iPhone – Waterproof up to 16.4 feet (iPhone 6 case) and 33 feet (iPhone 7 case), Catalyst turns iPhones into underwater cameras — allowing you to get great shots in the hotel pool or to Snapchat while snorkeling (I’ve used it to take videos like this and photos like this). By default, the cases are also dirtproof, snowproof and able withstand drops from over 6 feet. Pro tip: pick up one of Catalyst’s Floating Lanyards too. BUY IT HERE for $69.59

C. Hisy – Bluetooth iPhone Camera Remote – The perfect gift for anyone who travels solo (or anyone who doesn’t want to ask a stranger to take their photo 15 times until it’s perfect), Hisy allows you to control your phone’s camera from up to 90 feet away with just one click. And to set up the shot, pick up a Joby Gorillapod Tripod too — the combination of mini tripod + bluetooth remote is how I’ve taken shots like this and this. // For a more budget friendly remote, and one that works with Android too, try this oneBUY IT HERE for $20.99

D. Polaroid – Snap Touch Instant Digital Camera – A fun addition to any trip, this digital Polaroid allows you to see and frame up the perfect shot before taking it. And unlike other instant cameras which print every photo you snap (resulting in lots of duds), this camera allows you to select only your best photos, then print them. Plus, it’s got a slew of other cool features, like the ability to add filters before printing. // For an instant camera at a lower price point (without the bells and whistles), check out the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8BUY IT HERE for $179.99

E. Alpine Labs – Pulse Camera Remote – For travelers with a Nikon or Canon DSLR or mirrorless camera, Pulse allows you to control your camera remotely (via and an accompanying app). Set up incredible time lapses, control the shutter and aperture, preview images or just use it snap a distance-selfie (no more racing against your camera’s built-in timer).

The features don’t end there though — it’s probably best to just watch their videoBUY IT HERE for $99.00

For The Prepared Day Tripper

Igloo – Day Tripper Backpack – If a picnic basket, a cooler and a backpack had a baby, you’d get the Igloo Day Tripper. It features comfortable padded straps, two cooler compartments, a built in bottle opener, tons of handy pockets for storage and comes with a bamboo cutting board, stainless steel cheese knives and a corkscrew. For day trip aficionados looking to bring the party (and an amazing lunch) to the top of a mountain or to the beach, there’s nothing else like it. BUY IT HERE for $99.99

Osprey – Escapist 18 – For the adventurous day tripper, the Escapist 18 is the only day pack you’ll ever need (it’s perfect for short hikes or day hikes away from camp). It’s got all the convenient pockets you need (including a handy, stretch mesh pocket on the front for stashing gear on the go and a zippered pocket on the shoulder strap for valuables like your phone), but none you don’t (keeping the pack light and streamlined). And like all of Osprey’s backpacks, it’s super comfortable to wear and built to last. BUY IT HERE for $74.99

Beckman of Norway – 30L Backpack – Streamlined with a classic and clean look, few travelers could find fault with this stylish pack. Ideal for airplane travel (it’s got plenty of room but’ll fit nicely under the seat in front on of you), it’s full of practical pockets that make it easy to keep everything you need close at hand.

Like so many items of Nordic design, Beckman’s pack feels smart and thoroughly engineered for the modern-traveler. BUY IT HERE for $120

For The Music-Loving Traveler

AKG – N60 NC (Noise Cancelling Headphones) – The AKG N60 NC were designed and fine-tuned specifically for travel. CNET calls them one of the best sounding active noise canceling headphones they’ve tested — and they rank its sound quality higher than that of Bose’s Quiet Comfort 25 (they’re $50 less than the Bose). The rechargeable battery lasts 30 hours (long enough to fly from New York to Hong Kong and back) and they pack down small, into an included travel case (an important feature for any traveler). Plus, they’re comfortable to wear and beautiful to look at with it leather and aluminum finishes. BUY THEM HERE for $279.99

JBL – Clip 2 (Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker) – This small but mighty bluetooth speaker allows you to bring your music anywhere (and share your music with everyone). The battery lasts up to 8 hours, you can also use it as a speaker phone to take calls, listen to music, or watch movies. Best of all, it’s waterproof — and not just able to withstand a spritz; it can be dunked in the pool. BUY IT HERE for $59.95

For The Car Camper

Rumpl – Super Fleece Blanket – Rumpl makes blankets inspired by the outdoors — like this one made using premium sleeping bag material and this one reminiscent of your favorite down-filled jacket. But their latest is the Super Fleece, which features Rumpl’s signature, stain and oder-resistant sleeping bag-inspired fabric on one side and soft, cozy fleece on the other. You’ll want to use it on your bed at home and bring it with you camping. BUY IT HERE for $250

BioLite – BaseLatern – Lanterns can be bulky, making them a pain to pack. Not the BioLite BaseLatern which is flat, square and folds up to about the size of a sandwich. It’s packed with you’ve-never-seen-this-before-in-a-lantern features like proximity activation, which automatically turns the BaseLantern on or off based on your location (it connects to your phone via Bluetooth). It also features an internal rechargeable battery with two USB ports which’ll allow you to charge devices like GoPros and phones. Watch their video to learn more. BUY IT HERE for $99.00

For lots more gifts for the adventurous traveler on your list, check out Uproxx’s Summer Camping Gear Guide and Backpacking Gear Guide.

For The Connected Traveler

A. Mophie – Powerstation Mini – The last thing you want while traveling is a dead phone — that means a dead camera and no maps for navigation. That’s why every traveler should carry an external battery like the Mophie Powerstation Mini, which’ll fully charge your phone about one and half times. Need more juice? Mophie makes batteries in a slew of sizes, including one that’ll fully charge your phone over seven times. BUY IT HERE for $29.93

B. Skyroam – Global Wifi – For travelers heading abroad, staying connected to Wifi can be hard. There are plans through your mobile provider and SIM cards, but neither are ideal (both can be expensive and a hassle). Instead, get a Skyroam, which will connect you to Wifi in over 100 countries by creating your own personal hotspot. With it, you’ll be able to text, browse the web, snapchat and post to Instagram just as if you were home (the data is unlimited).

The unit comes with three free day passes, and after that, a pack of 5 day passes will cost you $40.BUY IT HERE for $99.99

C. EnerPlex – Surfr AMP – When your phone is loosing power while you’re on the go (and you can’t plug it into an external battery like the Mophie), you’ll need a battery case. The EnerPlex Surfr AMP holds enough power to charge your phone about two times. Then when that battery runs out (or to keep the case’s battery topped up), just turn your phone over and the built-in solar panel on the back will turn the sun’s rays into phone-saving energy. BUY IT HERE for $89.99

D. Motorola Talkabout T600 H20 Series – It’s possible you haven’t held a walkie talkie since you were a kid. It’s time to change that with a walkie talkie deserving of a badass, adventure-taking adult. These have a maximum range of 35-miles, a built-in flashlight on the bottom, are fully waterproof and they float. While they’re perfect for the backcountry, you can also use them to communicate with family members while in a foreign country or while on a cruise ship without cell service. BUY THEM HERE for $99.99

For The Efficient Packer

Camelback – QuickStow Flask – Staying hydrated is a key to enjoyable travel (for one thing, it helps fight jet lag). Therefore, a traveler should always pack a water bottle — preferably a flat one like this. When it’s not in use, just roll it up and stash it in your coat pocket or suitcase where it’ll take up next to no space. But perhaps best of all, packing your own bottle means you’ll no longer have to buy $7 bottles of water at the airport. BUY ONE HERE for $20

eBags – Packing Cubes – Some people take packing efficiently very seriously (I’m one of those people). But if you’re ready to take your packing game to the next level; a level of suitcase organization few people ever achieve, you need packing cubes. They come in a wide array of sizes and will help you keep your clothes wrinkle-free and your luggage easy to navigate. They’re also great for use in unstructured duffle bags, which can really do a number on your clothes. BUY THEM HERE for $23.99

For Your Traveling Significant Other

Saxx – Quest 2.0 Modern Fit Boxers – Guys know traveling long distances and cramped airplane seats can lead to some discomfort. So get the traveling man in your life a few pairs of Saxx’s Quest 2.0 boxers — which were specifically built to be the ultimate travel undies. Made using an ultra-light, quick-dry mesh fabric, they’re quick to clean, dry and re-wear — not to mention comfortable. And of course, like every pair of Saxx, the Quest 2.0 features the brand’s signature, anti-friction “Ballpark Pouch” construction (which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like — learn more here). BUY A PAIR HERE for $23.66

xNasozi – African Wax Print Journal – It’s always a good idea to have a journal on hand while traveling, whether to use as a travel diary or to remember important information and discoveries. Few are as good looking and unique as those from xNasozi, which are handmade in Brooklyn. BUY IT HERE for $30.00

Orvis and Owen & Fred Personalized Luggage Tags – For anyone who has ever lost their luggage or stood at a baggage carousel wondering which black suitcase is theirs, you know the importance of having a luggage tag on your bag. Now instead of using the flimsy one provided by the airline, step it up with a personalized brass or leather luggage tag. It’s the sign of a pro traveler. BY ONE HERE AND HERE for $39 and $45

For The Food-Obsessed Traveler

Good-To-Go – Gourmet Backpacking Meals – Perfect for backpackers and campers looking to travel light but eat well, Good-To-Go makes preservative-free, dehydrated, gourmet meals (in flavors like Pad Thai, Classic Marinara with Penne, Herbed Mushroom Risotto and Indian Vegetable Korma) that require only the addition of boiling water.

The company was co-founded by a professional chef who once beat Mario Batali on Food Network’s Iron Chef, so you better believe they’re tasty. BUY IT HERE for $6.75/ serving

Where Chefs Eat – For those who travel to eat, this book features more than 3,000 restaurants in over 70 countries — all personally recommend by the world’s best chefs. If it’s beer that makes you want to travel, try The World Atlas Of BeerBUY IT HERE for $15.59

Raw Spice Bar Subscription – Global Spices, Delivered – For travelers looking to bring the flavors of the world home with them, recreate a dish they had abroad, or simply create a more global eating experience for their friends and family, there’s Raw Spice Bar. Every month, they’ll deliver three freshly ground spice kits to your door, along with recipes you can use them in. You can use it as inspiration to stop ordering pizza and instead whip up some vadouvan curry shrimpBUY IT HERE for $6 / month

For The Health-Conscious Traveler

A. Oral-B – Genius Pro 8000 Electric Toothbrush (With Smart Travel Case) – When you travel, you likely leave your good toothbrush at home or bring it along in a questionably clean plastic case. Instead, get a toothbrush you’ll never want to leave behind — like the Oral-B Genius Pro 8000. Aside from basically being part spaceship (read about its full suite of futuristic features here), it also comes with a first-of-its-kind travel case. Aside from being sleek, compact and protective, it also charges your toothbrush and features an additional port to charge your phone. BUY IT HERE for $169

B. Travel Workout Gear – GoFit ProGym Extreme Workout Kit & Jump Rope – When people travel, their at-home health regimen usually goes straight out the window. After all, working out and eating healthy isn’t always easy when you’re someplace new and exciting. But you could at least try. All you need is a set of resistance bands (you’ll be amazed at home many exercises you can do with them) and/or a jump rope — both of which take up almost no space in your bag. To get your started, here are some jump rope exercises you can do in your hotel room. BUY IT HERE for $49.99

C. Healthy Back Bag – This isn’t your average backpack — it’s was designed specifically to help minimize back, neck and shoulder strain with its ergonomic shape that molds to the contours of your back. So if traditional backpack rub you the wrong way, this could be the bag for you. BUY IT HERE for $58.99

D. NoBitech – Mosquito Repellent Clothing – For travelers concerned about mosquito-born diseases like zika, malaria and yellow fever, wearing mosquito repelling clothing will give you peace of mind while helping keep mosquitos away. NoBitech’s casual activewear, which is treated with an EPA approved mosquito repellent that’ll last for about 25 washes, will do the trick. BUT IT HERE, prices vary

For The Stylish Traveler

A. Filson – Watch Cap – A soft, quality winter hat will be happily received by anyone traveling this winter. This one is made of 100% virgin wool (i.e. it’s soft) and looks good to boot.

B. Persol Sunglasses – Ever watched an Anthony Bourdain’s travel show and wondered what kind of sunglasses he was wearing? He exclusively wears sunnies from luxury Italian eyewear company Persol — and if they’re Bourdain-approved, the traveler on your list should approve of them too (they’re comfortable, polarized and some are foldable for easy storage).

The only thing is they can be pricy. Solution: get them on Frames Direct who has them for a lot less than retail price. And if Persol isn’t your style, Frames Direct also has all the Ray-Bans at discounted prices.

C. Filson – Crewneck Guide Sweater – To the eye and to the touch, this is a solid, well-made sweater; one you’ll wear for years to come thanks to its classic stylings. Made with 100% Merino wool, the Filson Guide Sweater is naturally rain repellent, sweat-wicking and breathable. It’s perfect for wear on it’s own, or for layering (above a shirt and below a jacket).

D. Smartwool – Striped Hike Medium Crew Socks – Socks may seem like a lame holiday gift. They’re not if they’re good socks, like these from Smartwool. Plus, comfortable and warm socks means comfortable and warm feet while exploring this winter.

E. Fjallraven – Ovik Folk Knit Sweater – Made of soft and comfortable knitted wool (no scratchy sweaters here), this is the antithesis of an ugly Christmas sweaters. In fact, the Fjallraven Ovik Knit Sweater portrays the perfect amount the wintertime cheer. Wear this out in any ski town this winter and let the compliments roll in.

F. Toad & Co – Flannagan Solid LS Shirt – It’s soft. It’s made of 100% organic cotton flannel. You’ll never want to take it off. Enough said.

G. Filson – Bison Knit Gloves – Sure you can find less expensive gloves out there, but lets be honest, it’s nice to have a nice pair of gloves. So this winter, instead of fishing out a pair of cheap, old cloves from storage, slip your mitts into a pair of soft, warm and water repellent gloves made of bison wool right here in the good ‘ol US of A. They’re ideal for walking around your hometown, or a chilly European city.

H. Orvis – The Spirit Leather Flight Jacket – Made of genuine cowhide leather with a rugged antique finish, Orvis’ The Spirit Leather Flight Jacket pays tribute to the pioneers of aviation (leather flight jackets like this were a vital piece of high-altitude survival gear after all). Wearing it will make any passionate traveler look and feel like a true man of the skies (and a handsome and stylish one at that).

I. Sorel – Caribou Boots – It’s hard to find a more classic and time-tested winter boot than Sorel’s Caribou Boots (available in men’s and women’s styles). They’re waterproof, warm, comfortable and look good — what more do you need? 

For The Little Traveler

The Hello Atlas – If you’re going to learn one word before you are arrive in a country, make it “Hello.” The Hello Atlas is the perfect gift for little explorers and will teach them (and you) how to say “hello” and other short key phrases in more than 100 languages. It also comes with free downloadable app in which you can hear phrases from the book spoken by native speakers. BUY IT HERE for $22.55

Educational World Map With Stickers – This large, peel and stick wall decal (which features well known animals and famous landmarks) will help any young traveler learn about the continents and hopefully, ignite a desire to travel. BUY IT HERE for $26.95

Happy Travels & Happy Holidays