This Worldwide Vagabond Has Traveled For 2.5 Years Without Ever Boarding A Plane


In November, 29-year-old Tyral Dalitz made it to London from Australia. A long trip, but (in the modern age) not a particularly incredible accomplishment. Not unless you factor in the small detail that Ty didn’t get on an airplane once. He did the trip by sailing, biking, taking trains, and hitchhiking. It took him 845 days.

Living the nomad life for two and a half years would be a bit much for most people, but Dalitz thrives on the adventure. He goes with the flow, and lets his journey guide him. So far, the adventure has offered up stunning landscapes, wild parties, near death experiences, and some of the coolest places to pitch a tent on the planet. When you travel without ever getting on a plane, it truly is about the journey and not the destination, and Ty has seen more places already than most people see in a lifetime.


Talking to Dalitz, it’s easy to see how he convinces strangers to let him stay with them, hitch rides, share meals etc. He has an easy laugh and a sunny disposition. I got the opportunity to talk to Ty in between his travels and he told me fantastic, hilarious stories about the unique way he’s traveled the world.


So you’re in the Canary Islands? How’s that?

Yeah, it’s really cool. It’s nice to be in some warmer weather after being in England and London for the last few weeks. It’s difficult for an Australian there. (Laughs)

Where in Australia are you from?

I’m from a small country town in the Riverina, it’s between Melbourne and Sydney. It’s maybe, three hours from Melbourne.