Meet The Modern Vagabond Who’s Been Biking Around The World For 780 Days

12.12.15 2 years ago
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Aidan Lynn-Klimenko

If you and I are ever sitting around a campfire going tit for tat with travel stories, it won’t take me long to bring up Javier Colorado. The mythically elusive, Matthew McConaughey-looking dude who embodies the spirit of the convicted wanderer. The guy who handed me a bottle of rum in Ecuador and said with a flourish:

One day we stop being travelers and become tourists…today we drink as travelers!

The guy who, after finishing said bottle of rum ran into the Pacific Ocean at midnight only to have it explode with photo luminescent plankton (“I could be at a desk, going to work everyday. But I am here! I AM HERE WITH THE FUCKING PLANKTON!”) He is simultaneously more out of his mind and more calmly put together than anyone I’ve ever met on the road.

I found myself entranced by him. He just seemed to live better than everyone else.

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Javier Colorado

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