The Definitive Guide To Valentine’s Day When You Know You’ve Found The One

There’s this myth that Valentine’s Day is only intimidating when you’re single or in a new relationship. Established couples are just supposed to bask in the happiness of having found true love with real staying power. But the reality is that when you’re in a longterm relationship there’s even more pressure to plan the perfect date. You really want to impress, but during the early courtship phase you already pulled out your best, most romantic ideas.

So how do you sweep the love of your life off their feet when you’ve been together a while? In the video above, Uproxx’s Steve Vasquez sits down with relationship expert Devyn Simone to find out.

“It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together,” Simone says. “The key to an amazing date is thoughtfulness.”

It’s about making your partner feel like you’ve listened to them and that your shared history is precious. Seek out thoughtful moments and gifts that show you know them and that you know they’re worth your energy and creativity. And if you think you’re somehow falling short of that order, re-watch the above video to refresh your memory while you plan.

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