Vaping Might Be Shutting Down Your Immune System


Hey e-cig smokers, it turns out you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Scientists have found that vaping can suppress your immune system, even compares to those who smoke regular cigarettes.

According to Ars Technica, researchers swabbed the noses of smokers, vapers, and non tobacco users alike, and found that vaping was suppressing 358 genes involved in the immune system of those who use e-cigarettes. Don’t tell that to Leonardo DiCaprio, though. Compared to non-smokers, those who smoked (whether e-cigarettes or regular cigarettes) had 53 immune system genes compromised.

The researchers are still studying what exactly this means for those who vape, but that it probably indicates an unbalanced, compromised immune system. In follow up studies, they tested the effects of the e-cig liquid on two types of immune system cells that eat up bacteria. They found that putting these sells into the solution compromised their ability to absorb harmful microbes. In testing e-cigarette flavors, they found out that cinnamon and butter flavors likely has the worst effect in suppressing immune system genes.

So, this probably deals a blow to those who think that e-cigarettes are safer than regular ones. While regular ones are plenty unsafe, it seems like vaping can be bad for your health in different ways.

(via Ars Technica)

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