Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar Vaping Dreams Go Up In Smoke After The Academy Kills The Fun

The 22nd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Show
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At the Screen Actors Guild awards, the coolest cat in town happened to be Leonardo DiCaprio. Not only did he win Best Actor for whatever a bear did to him in The Revenant, but he vaped like a pro while hanging in the audience, and the world marveled at the spectacle. The vaping provided a level of distraction great enough to erase all other DiCaprio memes. (People even forgot how he uses the Victoria’s Secret catalog as his own personal Tinder.) DiCaprio’s vaping made others want to vape, but of course, some nerdy doctors warned the world not to be like DiCaprio.

Folks can argue all day about the safety of vaping, but the Oscars are a celebration of the Hollywood lifestyle. This includes possibly silly trends like sucking on a vaping pen, but the Academy has decided no fun will be had at the Oscars. None. Not only has the #OscarsSoWhite controversy left the ceremony without worthy attendees, but the Oscars will not allow vaping. So, if and when he (finally) wins his first Oscar, DiCaprio must resist his greatest urge. TMZ has brought the drama over this injustice because killing the fun will make for one very un-fun ceremony:

Leonardo DiCaprio better load up on nicotine gum before the 88th Academy Awards, because it’s a strict no-smoking zone inside … and that includes vaping.

If he does the same on Oscar night — we’re told it WILL be a problem. However, Leo’s more than welcome to light up in one of the smoking sections set up adjacent to the theater.

Imagine an Oscar winner nabbing a golden statuette and not being able to celebrate. DiCaprio won’t be able to vape out in the theater, onstage, or in the press room. He’s relegated to heading outside like a normal person who wants to suck on a cigarette. Perhaps the Academy is concerned about DiCaprio’s antics drawing away from an otherwise dignified ceremony. Of course, previous Oscars ceremonies have been graced by an onstage streaker and a “singing” Rob Lowe, so a little vaping wouldn’t hurt their rep.

The Academy = stealers of fun.

Then again, vaping bans are going up worldwide. Pubs, workplaces, and even churches are cracking down. Twitter has feelings about these bans.

(Via TMZ)

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