These Vodka ‘Otter Pops’ Combine Booze And Nostalgia

There are a bunch of ways to cool off in the summer: You can hang at the library or take off all your clothes. You can go on vacation somewhere less hot. Or  you can now do any of that with a booze-laden, vodka popsicle! Hooray, drunk, naked, library vacations!

A company called Icycl (See what they did there?) has unveiled their Vodka Icepops just in time to quench your nagging thirst. The pops come in three flavors — lemon & lime, orchard apples, and juicy blackcurrant. And yes, to answer your question, they’re from the UK, where people actually know what blackcurrants are. Icicle’s Vodka Pops are served in slender pouches just like Otter Pops and Fla-Vor-Ice, but be careful not to confuse them because these babies are 6.4 percent ABV, so you can get drunk while your kid gets a sugar high!

Icycle’s marketing pointedly targets music lovers, specifically people who enjoy EDM. According to the company’s website, “Everything is better when the best beats are playing and there are frozen vodka icepops on the go!” While we might disagree on preferred music genres and what qualifies as the “best beat,” it’s still hard to disagree with their logic.

While managing to find the correct blend of booze and frozen other stuff, Icycles also claims that their Vodka Icepops can be frozen, defrosted, and refrozen without damaging the quality of the product. If you’re interested in testing them out, the Icepops are available for purchase on the website Firebox for $18.19 plus tax and shipping. You get two of each flavor in a box plus an inadvertent invitation to any pool party you’ll bring them to.

(Via Food Beast)