This Infograph Shows What Single People Hate The Most In Every State


Taylor Swift put it best when she said, “haters gonna hate.” Those wise words have never reverberated more than they do today. That’s because we now know what specific things single people hate most in each state. This is thanks to the unconventional dating app ‘Hater’ which just released an infographic explaining what things each state hates the most. This is a great marketing ploy for the app that matches people based on dislikes.

Does it work? Well… probably. Humans connect over similarities and “hating the same thing” fits the bill. Both of you hate The Big Bang Theory and Zoomba? You’re a perfect match!

Hater used data compiled from its app to determine what things each state hates the most. Some of the hated things actually make a lot of sense. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that California hates “Fidget spinners“. They might be the most annoying new invention since the vuvuzela shattered our ear drums a few years ago. We get that some people need to keep their hands busy, but why do you need to continuously spin something? Who could fathom that a spinning object that is meant to keep its users focused but everyone else who sees it distracted would be disliked in offices? It also makes sense that Washington State hates K-Cups. The Northwest is fairly well known for two things, being environmentally conscious and its coffee. The latte loving fans in the home of Starbuck’s should have a short fuse when it comes to your Keurig habit. The same goes for “Polo Shirts” in New Mexico (have some style for crying out loud), “Jellyfish” in New Jersey (the stinging plague of the eastern seaboard), “Sand” in Arizona (it’s pretty dusty there), and “Taking videos at concerts” in Hawaii (just put your phone down and enjoy Jack Johnson with the rest of us).

Still, there are some surprises. Why does Georgia hate “Tuna salad” so much? What did tuna, mayo, and celery ever do to the Peach State? We get that it can get fairly hot and humid in the summer and a tuna salad sitting out in the sun has the makings for a pretty awful afternoon of stomach pains, but how many people responded with that? Also, is “biting string cheese” such a big problem in Illinois that it’s listed as their biggest hate? This can’t be a real survey, right? Some people don’t have the patience to unravel a whole string cheese and eat it one string at a time. Get over it, Illinois. Other very strange hatreds include: “Seinfeld” in Kansas (what did Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer do to rub you the wrong way?), “Friends that ask you to help them move” in Kentucky (which… okay, valid), and “Pride and prejudice” in Michigan (do you hate the book or the two words?). If anything, this infographic proves that America is a place of varying opinions…and varying hates.