When Does The 2017 Solar Eclipse Start? Here’s Your Timetable For Today’s Event


You’ve gotten the science down pat. You’ve prepared your camera. You’ve grabbed a beer. So when does this eclipse thing get on the road? Here’s your timetable, sorted by time zone.

NASA’s official timetable is below. Remember this is a rough guide sorted by area; the eclipse will start a little later the further east you are along its totality zone. That’s especially important for photographers, who will have just two minutes to snap totality before it’s gone. Remember, shutterbugs, bracket your shots!

Remember, what you see will depend not just on what time it is, but where you happen to be. The total eclipse will be running a diagonal across the US from Oregon to South Carolina. The further north or south you are of that particular line, the further from totality you’re going to be. In New York City, for example, they’ll only see about 70% totality.

Also, remember that eclipse viewing is easy, but can be dangerous if you don’t use proper viewing gear. If you didn’t get your approved glasses in time, you can still check it out. Just find a piece of card stock, like a note card or a pizza box, punch a pinhole in it, and hold it up to let light through the pinhole onto another surface. So when eclipse time rolls around in your city, take a moment and watch; it’s a wonderful reminder the beauty of the celestial world.

(via NASA)