Dunkin’ Has Launched A Beyond Meat Sausage Sandwich


Fake meat is here to stay. That’s just a fact, at this point. It time you learn to love meat 2.0. Dunkin’ is the latest eatery to jump on the fake meat bandwagon with a new breakfast sandwich made from Beyond Meat’s vegan sausage. CNN reports that the new meatless sausage sandwich is available today across 163 locations in Manhattan, with plans to roll out the sandwich nationwide in the near future.

The new Beyond Meat sandwich costs $4.29 across Dunkin’s Manhattan locations, which is almost a dollar more expensive than its real-meat counterpart which sells for $3.59. It should be noted, that despite the use of Beyond Meat, the Dunkin’ Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich is not in fact entirely vegan — the sandwich consists of American cheese and eggs so if you’re a vegan hoping you finally found the breakfast sandwich for you, keep looking.

The success of plant-based meat doesn’t necessarily point to an increase in vegetarianism or veganism. Instead, it would appear that consumers are opting for meatless options for other reasons entirely, whether it be dietary or in an effort to lessen their carbon footprints.

CNN reports that the morning hours are the only growth market that remains for the fast-food industry, with the NPD reporting breakfast sales at fast-food restaurants rose 1% while overall sales remained flat. Aside from designing new breakfast options, we’re not sure what else Dunkin’ could’ve done, so the Beyond Meat Breakfast Sandwich seems like a pretty safe bet.