We Tasted McDonald’s Mysterious Big Vegan ‘Fake Meat’ Burger And Have Some Thoughts

07.08.19 1 week ago


Vegans and plant-based folks rejoice! The “fake” meat revolution is upon us (fake because it’s plant product imitating animal product, not because it’s not real food). There have never been more options in more mainstream joints to get meat-free ideations of your favorite foods. Most major fast food chains have jumped on the plant-based bandwagon with one glaring exception: McDonald’s.

McDonald’s hasn’t struck a deal with Beyond Meat or Impossible Foods. Why? Well, it turns out they’re going their own way. Right now, McDonald’s is testing out its own plant-based burger patty (from Garden Gourmet) in Germany called the Big Vegan TS. This is a pretty big power move by the fast food giant. Basically, they’re throwing down the vegan gauntlet by testing out the viability of a lesser-known plant-based “meat” in one of their biggest international markets.

Lucky for you, I’m living in Berlin, Germany this summer and have seen the Big Vegan TS advertised everywhere. Having already tried the Impossible Foods burger from Umami Burger and Carl’s Jr.’s Beyond Meat burger, I knew I had to try McDonald’s Big Vegan TS too.

Zach Johnston

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