Run The Jewels Is Launching 12 Different IPAs Celebrating ‘Cyberpunk 2077’

Run the Jewels bandmates El-P and Killer Mike are no strangers to the beer game. Before the hip-hop duo became a household name, Run the Jewels dabbled in the world of craft brews with a branded beer made by Goose Island. Since that first beer, RTJ has since collaborated with a handful of other artisan breweries, making branded beers a fixture of their merch output. Now, in promotion of their newest single “No Save Point” from the soundtrack to the upcoming video game Cyberpunk 2077, they’re returning to the scene with 12 different iterations of a craft IPA made by 13 different breweries across seven different countries.

Dubbed, fittingly, “No Save Point,” each of the 12 brews will consist of RTJ-inspired artwork with imagery from Cyberpunk 2077 and will play on a very loose base recipe: a 6.5% ABV hazy IPA. While it’d be fair to say that 12 different iterations of the same concept is a bit excessive, the breweries selected were given free rein to get as wild as they wanted with things, and it looks like a lot of them delivered. Weather Souls’ Coconut and Marshmallow Fluff IPA, Cerveza Minerva’s Mezcal IPA, and Deviant & Dandy’s Sour Blackberry IPA, and sound particularly creative (and delicious).

The full list of brewers includes London’s Deviant & Dandy, Australia’s Moon Dog, Weathered Souls, Poland’s Inne Becski, the Netherland’s Vandestreek, Germany’s Brlo, Mexico’s Cerveza Minerva, Pipeworks, Modist, City Built, Horus, Interboro, and collaboration between Mason Ale Works x Horus. According to Food & Wine, most of these beers are set to drop this Thursday, with a second smaller batch to follow next month. To find out where to buy the “No Save Point” IPA line, hit up Run The Jewels’ official merch store, which consists of a beer section so expansive you’d think you were at a brewery’s own website.