Travel Writers Tell Us Where You Should Visit In 2018

Managing Editor, Life


Everybody wants to be a travel writer. The chance to dispatch stories from foreign lands is a deeply alluring prospect. So is the potential for free travel. But to be a travel writer means to make the physical world come alive with words. It’s about choosing vital details and peppering each sentence with the five senses. It’s about picking verbs carefully and never ever titling stories with “X country is a land of contrasts” or ending them with some trite line about “knowing one day I’ll be back.”

The gig is tactile, sensory, and instense. Okay, okay, we’ll admit: It’s also fun as hell. If you love being out on the road — tracking down train schedules, bouncing around on busses, and distilling it all down into something urgent and fresh — then this may be the job for you.

If not, you’re lucky to have pros on hand to help out. They’ve been around and they know what’s popping. This year, as we prepared to launch the Uproxx Travel Hot List, we spoke to dozens of travel professionals about where you should spend your travel dollar in 2018.

Here are their picks: