People Are Applying For This NYTimes Travel Writing Gig In Droves (And You Should Too!)

Twitter is ablaze after the New York Times posted an ad for a yearlong travel journalist position. Every year, the paper publishes a list of “52 Places to Go,” and this year, it is hiring someone to go to every destination on the list and write about each place and every place along the way.

The paper is looking for one ambitious, adventurous writer for the dream job to, “turn their list into an itinerary.”

The most amazing part of the job posting is that there are very minimal requirements:

  • Must have media experience.
  • Fluency in English.
  • Expertise in social media and facility with digital devices.
  • Has traveled to several destinations.
  • Have documented travel in writing, social media or elsewhere.
  • Can commit to a full year.

The requirements fit everyone from the local blogger to the professional journalist with years of experience, so it’s no wonder there have been so many applicants already.

NYT Travel Editor Monica Drake said the paper is looking for the “unicorn who has it all” — because, let’s be real here, this job is something straight out of a fairy tale. Even current Times writers are thinking about switching gigs for this yearlong opportunity of a lifetime.

To apply (before I do), visit the New York Times Web site.