A Visual Tour Of Portugal’s Best Kept Secrets

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11.17.16 4 Comments

Michael Hacker, Unsplash

Portugal doesn’t get the heavy tourism of France, Italy, or even Germany. It’s tucked away at the edge of Europe, on the Iberian Peninsula, largely minding its own business — an agriculture and aquaculture dependent nation, where life feels pretty laid back (all drugs have been decriminalized, which helps). If you know a few things about Portugal, you’re probably thinking olive oil, wine, salt cod, and trams humping up one of Lisbon’s seven hills. And all of which is reason enough to plan a visit. But we like to go deeper, to dig a little, so here are a few lesser-know reasons why Portugal is on every backpacker’s hot list:


Bookshops feel a bit like a dying breed. We went from mom and pops in every town, to the big and largely soulless Barnes & Nobles era, and now, with the rise of Amazon, we’re left with few brick and mortar options. So when a bookshop like Livraria Lello still exists, it becomes a must-see destination for any visitor to Porto. You can spend a whole day in the stacks, just absorbing culture. The grand facade of the building, its sweeping staircases, and the overflowing shelves transport you to places that are otherworldly but retain a cozy and welcoming feel.

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