This Deeply Affecting Video Reminds Us ‘This Is Why We Vote’

This Is Why We Vote from Balcony Nine Media on Vimeo. Performed by:
Toluwanimi ‘Toluwa’ Obiwole, Denver Youth Poet Laureate

Damn. Watch that video. Let the poem wash over you. Let each word soak down into your bones. Be inspired.

We are in a strange era in American politics. One of the strangest. People are angry. They are divided. They feel desperate. But, more than ever, people do have a voice. And voices, joined together, are the wellspring of change. Massive cultural shifts bubble up from the depths of our frustrations.

The thing not to do is stand back. Don’t disengage. Your opinion matters. Your vote counts. Yes, the electoral college is complex, weird, and outdated. Yes, the system often feels lumbering and clumsy and not at all connected to the realities of our day to day lives. You’re right. We hear you. Still vote.

It’s right there. Down. At the bottom of a very short page. It’s super easy. TuboVote, our partner in this project, has wanted it to be simple, above all things. Because life is rarely simple. Life is rarely easy. But this act of participation is. So register. Dig into the issues. Listen to people. Ask questions. Don’t bow out of tough conversations.

Then, when the time comes, vote.

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