This Insane Willy Wonka Burger Is Made Of 100 Percent Pure Imagination

A wise man once sang about a world of pure imagination. Food may be the place that that pure imagination has taken the strongest hold with chefs and lovers of food alike taking up the challenge and creating some seriously mind-blowing treats for all of us to enjoy. This week one burger bar in Australia is honoring the man who sang that song with a burger inspired by Willy Wonka himself. Meet the “Beauregard Burger.” (No, we don’t know if the misspelling is intentional, either.)

Oh, if only Violet Beauregarde had listened to Mr. Wonka and not popped that three-course dinner gum in her mouth, (spoiler alert) she might not be a blueberry now. Bar Luca’s Beauregarde Burger is a much safer three-course dinner. Tomato soup in the form of a jelly, a beef patty, fried potatoes (instead of baked), blueberry onion jam, and their very own Wonka Sauce and popping cheese. To top it all off they baked their own milk buns and dyed them with all the colors of the rainbow for an extra layer of pure imagination.

The burger is a technicolor dream machine that hopefully won’t conjure any scary acid flashbacks. It does seem a fitting tribute to both the literary Mr. Wonka and the great Gene Wilder.

The best part? Every day one burger will contain a golden ticket for a mystery prize. Hopefully you won’t turn into a blueberry if you eat one.

(Via Mashable)