How Working In Tech Support Can Break You Down

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02.10.16 2 Comments

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Working in tech support is a strange job. You alternate between being the savior and the scourge of everyone you meet. One day, you get praised for showing someone how to easily access their files or free up some extra hard drive space. The next, you get screamed at for being part of some kind of imaginary tech illuminati hell-bent on ruining the world for everyone.

While it lacks the face-to-face interactions (and horrors) that working in retail affords, here’s a look at some of the things you’re forced to deal with when you’ve got a headset strapped on and those calls about lost photos, frozen screens, and vague claims that “it just doesn’t work” start rolling in:

The constant arguing.



Arguments are inevitable when even the simplest step-by-step task is met with extreme resistance. These people can’t be this contrarian in all their daily interactions, right? Imagine being a grocery store clerk and having someone say, “No, condiments are NOT in aisle 9!” when you know they are. That’s the life of tech support — and the culture seems programmed to be annoyed by you, which makes it all doubly hard.

These reactionary types are diagnosed as having PEBKAC — an irritated tech support worker’s acronym that means ‘Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair.’ When someone has PEBKAC, you know you’ll be stuck on the same call for quite awhile.

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