Ronda Rousey’s Mom Has A Pretty Harsh Description For The People She Hangs Out With

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If you ever wondered where Ronda Rousey’s fierce outspoken nature comes from, look no further than her mother, Dr. AnnMaria De Mars. She was the family’s first generation judo badass and was the first American to win a gold medal at the World Judo Championships in 1984. Tales of De Mars slapping armbars on her sleeping daughter in the middle of the night abound, and she also has a well deserved reputation for saying what’s on her mind.

Ronda Rousey’s autobiography contains many examples of this: her mom calls all of Ronda’s boyfriends “Bob” because “What’s the point in learning his name if he’s not going to be sticking around?” She also called Rousey’s plan to fight in MMA “The stupidest idea I’ve heard in my life, and considering the ideas you’ve had, that’s pretty bad.”

So it should be no surprise that she’s willing to write a blog post calling out some of Ronda’s friends for being “douche bags.” Via her Blogspot page:

I think some of the people she hangs out with are douche bags.

I remember reading a few articles that described how some of the highest profile athletes and entertainers get so f**ked up. They talked about getting ‘sucked into the bubble’ around people like Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and other highly successful celebrities.

Didn’t anyone ever look Elvis straight in the face and say “You’re fat and you do too many drugs. Cut that s**t out or you’re going to die.” or grab Michael Jackson by both arms, shake him and say, “Hey! Don’t hang out with little kids! It’s creepy weird. Find a woman. A man. An adult monkey. Seriously, what the f**k is it with the kids? Quit doing all those drugs, too!”

My guess is the answer is, “No.”

Even though she always tells me not to worry, I still do – a lot. It’s impossible to read the news for a week and not see the report of some athlete or entertainer getting in some situation that shows incredibly poor judgement and not ask yourself, “How the hell could they make such a stupid mistake?” I’ll bet you that the answer is that they were living in a bubble, where no one dared to tell them that anything they ever did was wrong, and so they started to believe it.

The post is basically Ronda’s mom railing against sycophantic entourages. But does Ronda really have that problem? Dr. De Mars diagnosing some of Rousey’s friends with douchitis doesn’t necessarily make it so. I’m sure there were several very nice Bobs worthy of having their names learned. And as you can see, Ronda Rousey getting into MMA turned out to be a pretty smart move in the end. AnnMaria is just the ultimate mama bear who won’t hesitate to rip into anyone she thinks is messing with her daughter.

She has shown this time and time again. When Rousey was given a shot at the Strikeforce title after two fights with the organization, some of the other female contenders complained. AnnMaria lashed out, saying “It’s too bad that they don’t have a Stupid Olympics or a Whiny White Girl Olympics because I think we could have some real contenders.”

She also had a lot to say about Ronda Rousey’s rough time on The Ultimate Fighter. “I would have punched out a few people, hit someone with a chair, told everyone to fuck off and walked out.” De Mars wrote. “[People] are entitled to their opinions. I am equally entitled to my opinion that they have their heads up their asses.”

Dr AnnMaria De Mars isn’t afraid to get into it with Ronda’s opponents, or would-be opponents in this case:

Damn. Dr. De Mars ain’t messing around. You can keep up with all of her sick burns and words of wisdom through her blog or Twitter page.

(Dr AnnMaria De Mars)