Max Holloway KO’d Justin Gaethje With One Second Left In The BMF Title Match

Max Holloway (26-7) knocked out Justin Gaethje (25-5) with one second remaining at UFC 300 from Las Vegas before UFC veteran Mark Coleman wrapped the BFM title around his waist.

Holloway’s leg was peppered throughout the fight, as a brutal blister developed behind his lead calf. Gaethje went after the calf from the opening bell and the two exchanged big strikes throughout the first. Holloway stunned him with a spinning back kick as the first round ended.

Through the second and third, Gaethje remained committed to the leg kicks, while Holloway spoke with his hands. Holloway pieced together combos up top and into the body, but couldn’t find a breakthrough. Gaethje appeared to get some momentum in the fourth round, landing a strike that sent Holloway on his back momentarily. In the fifth and final round, Holloway and Gaethje emptied the tank, with Holloway temporarily hurting the champ and appearing close to a finish.

Gaethje fought off of the cage and the fight appeared destined to go the distance until, with 10 seconds remaining, Holloway stood in the middle of the Octagon, pointed at the mat, and demanded a war to end the fight. As the two tossed hands, Holloway slipped a strike and countered with a right hook that sent Gaethje to sleep.

Holloway was on a two-fight win streak at featherweight before moving up to lightweight Saturday night.