Team Fighting Is A Real Thing, And The Videos Are Absolutely Crazy

Despite the obvious insanity going on above, this is not from Russia, but is actually a product of Latvia. What you are seeing is Team Fighting Championship, and in their own words:

Team Fighting Championship (TFC) promotes a new approach to the martial arts where you can enjoy the exciting moments of a group street fighting transferred to the sport grounds.

To put it simply, TFC is what your average meathead calls “Friday night”.

The premise of TFC is to get two squads of five guys each, put them in a big ring, and let them wail on each other until one group is entirely eliminated. According to the website, the only illegal acts are: striking the Adam’s apple, groin attacks, biting, and spitting.

With those boring rules and regulations out of the way, let’s take a look at the 10 craziest videos in Team Fighting Championship history:

10. LPH (Poznan, Poland) vs JungVolk (Moscow, Russia)

The common, unifying theme in most TFC bouts is the opening is pure chaos as everyone rushes to the center of the ring, and then people find a dance partner and low-level, amateur MMA happens. Once one team loses a person, there’s almost no coming back, as the team with the main advantage just gangs up on the other side until everybody gets stomped out. This time, gold confetti rains down after the final beating. Hooray!

9. Barbarians FT (St. Petersburg, Russia) vs HFA (Gdynia, Poland)

This bout is notable just for the one bearded Russian that gets a nasty cut on his browline that bleeds buckets. Dang!

8. Peak Submission (NYC, USA) vs HFA (Gdynia, Poland)

The head judge/referee gives the same speech before every bout “Shake hands, keep to the rules, protect yourselves at all times, and good luck.” He then makes sure the four other refs are ready and allows the ring announcer to leave. This time, one of HFA’s fighters got a little antsy and charged after the “good luck.” The fight gets broken up so that the fight can officially be started, and hey, look, America wins! USA! USA! USA!

7. Brawlers (London, UK) vs Ground and Pound (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

I like that the Brawlers face off in Ye Olde Timey boxing stance, and also the one guy that loops behind like he’s trying to run an end-around. The real best part of this fight is the coach for the Brawlers yelling at his guys, some “bloke” named “CHOLLY” in particular. Also, the finishing sequence is straight up two dudes from team Brawlers kneeing the last Brazilian guy in the butt until he submits.

6. Prague Boys (Prague, Czech Republic) vs Korabely (Mykolaev, Ukraine)

Korabely doesn’t waste any time, and just storms out of the gate, taking the Prague Boys down and unleashing some terrifying ground and pound. Pure savagery.

5. LPH (Poznan, Poland) vs Wiseman (Gothenburg, Sweden)

The very first fight from the very first TFC event, this contest barely goes 2 minutes. Everyone rushes to the center of the ring and there are 10 flying attacks at the same time.

4. JungVolk (Moscow, Russia) vs Wisemen (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Poor, poor Wisemen. They don’t do well at all in any of the TFC events, but this bout in particular is slightly upsetting. One of the Swedes gets knocked out so much, the referees have to drag the unconscious corpse out of the ring so the remaining fighters don’t trip over him. SHEESH BO-BEESH!

3. San-Da LPF (Riga, Latvia) vs Psycho Fans (Chorzow, Poland)

It seems that the Latvian teams do really well in TFC. It might be that they are just really good at team fighting, or maybe since TFC is based out of Latvia, the deck is stacked in their favor. However, they are no match for PSYCHO FANS. Not only is the team called PSYCHO FANS, but they have three dudes without faces! Hajer and Laciano sport skull masks, while Albinos gets the blur treatment. PYSCHO FANS use this to their advantage and trounce the Latvian club.

2. LPH (Poznan, Poland) vs Korabely (Mykolaev, Ukraine)

LPH’s third appearance on the list, and the third fight from TFC 1. This bout is great because of the ring destruction. Two dudes go a little too hard into the ropes, knocking over one of the tire turnbuckles, which brings everything crashing down. Pure chaos.

1. JungVolk (Moscow, Russia) vs Prague Boys (Prague, Czech Republic)

Around the 2-minute mark, one of the JungVolk comes from off-screen with a huge flying knee to an already clinched up Prague Boy. Later on, as the Prague Boys dwindle, a referee forcibly shoves one of them directly into a pack of JungVolk. But best of all is the last, desperate Prague Boy managing to eliminate a JungVolk with a blast double leg that sends the Russian crashing into one of the tire stacks. Awesome.