If She Hadn’t Blown It, We Could Have Seen Aubrey Plaza As A ‘Scream’ Killer

In an alternative universe, Aubrey Plaza would have been smiling under the Ghostface mask. Speaking with Hit Radio‘s Olivia Marks, Plaza revealed that one of her early career failures was going “full method” for a Scream sequel audition as one of the killers.

“And they had told me, you’re going into an audition to play a character that you eventually find out is the killer,” Plaza said. “So I took that really literally and I kind of was thinking, alright, I’m gonna dress like the killer. I went in and I looked terrible, I was like really frumpy and my hair… ‘cause I thought, like, I’m a murderer!”

It turns out that none of her competitors for the role thought to go for the disheveled look.

“They all looked great, and I just looked insane,” Plaza added. “[The producers] were like, the whole point was that we’re not supposed to know that you were the killer, you pretty much just look like a murderer right away.”

That’s pretty solid life advice for actors and for murderers.

Plaza calls it a “Scream remake” in the interview, but, based on the timing, she’s almost certainly talking about what came to be known as Scream 4. That means (spoilers for an 11-year-old film!) that she would have been a 20-something playing a high schooler. Or that the audition was just an audition. Or the script changed a bit. You know, basically all things are possible.

What’s sadly not possible is Plaza getting to slash her way through Woodsboro. It’s a shame, because she’s the perfect so-obvious-it’s-not-obvious choice.

(via Hit Radio)