These ‘BASEketball’ Quotes Are Psych-Out Gold

10.28.15 4 years ago 18 Comments

BASEketball is one of the most important sports movies out there and not just because it marks one of the earliest utterances of the word “derp.” South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone successfully melded two sports together along with yet another unsung hero of the sports world: the psych-out. Psych-outs are the ultimate defensive strategy, whether you’re spraying milk from your nipples or proclaiming that Squeak screwed your rival’s sister… which definitely never happened. Need more proof about the value of the psych-out?

Beyond that stiff drink of fat liposuctioned out of Marlon Brando’s ass and the holy grail of psych-outs — “The Mime” — exists plenty of other moments from a film that was as crude and hilarious away from the diamond as it was on it. So, here now are some of the best BASEketball psych-outs and moments.

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