Is Josh Gad Playing The Penguin In ‘The Batman’?

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When we last heard, the the delayed Batman V Superman followup The Batman is still moving forward with a new director (Matt Reeves of Cloverfield and Planet Of The Apes fame). Ben Affleck will still play the super jacked Batman, and the super jacked Joe Manganiello is presumably still playing Deathstroke. At no point has The Penguin been reliably rumored to be in the script, although the script reportedly went through recent rewrites with additional villains, like Jared Leto’s Joker, possibly showing up. Nonetheless, this Josh Gad rumor strikes us as unexpected and strange.

It boils down to this: Josh Gad (Beauty And The Beast, Daisy Ridley’s interrogator) tweeted a picture of The Penguin, and he was recently followed by DC upper level guys Jon Berg and Geoff Johns. Before Joe Manganiello and Rick Famuyiwa’s involvement in DC projects was announced, they were also followed by upper tier people at DC. Gad’s new followers and this tweet has people speculating if a casting announcement is coming:

I’m probably of the same mind as Vince on this one. I don’t have anything against Josh Gad, per se. Everyone assures me he was great in Book Of Mormon. People who haven’t even seen Book Of Mormon lunge out from behind blind corners to inform me Josh Gad was great in Book Of Mormon. Fair enough, but why is he everywhere? How is he everywhere? Did someone clone Josh Gad? Is it the same person who cloned Chris Hardwick and Ryan Seacrest? We demand answers.

That Jon Berg and Geoff Johns have both followed Gad suggests he might be involved in The Batman, but it still seems sketchy. It could be something more obvious, such as Josh Gad voicing The Penguin in a sequel to The LEGO Batman Movie, since that seems like one of the few famous rogues not in the voice cast yet. Or maybe it’s all just a coincidence. Oh well. He’ll always have Book Of Mormon.

(Via We Got This Covered)