Bill Murray Appeared From The Ether To Steal Someone’s Fries At The Airport

Bill Murray is known for his shenanigans. He’s been known to get a kick out of sneaking up on people, covering their eyes from behind, and whispering “No one will ever believe you” before prancing off into the distance. He’s been known to show up uninvited to bachelor parties just to bartend. He might crash your karaoke session and just sit there. Nothing he could ever do would surprise us, so that’s why this newest tale of him casually stealing eating french fries off a stranger’s plate at the Martha’s Vineyard Airport makes complete sense. Well, it makes no sense, so it makes perfectly good Bill Murray sense. It’s a pretty sweet deal of a corner Murray has backed us into here.

According to Reddit user Sonowthatimhere, Murray was doing the very normal good friend deed of dropping some friends off for flight before their plane got delayed. So, Murray and his buddies did what anyone in the same situation would do — they looked to kill some time by getting a bite to eat.In Murray’s case, someone else’s bite. Who does this? Bill Murray, that’s who.

Anyone else would pull back a nub. Are you crazy? French fries are gold, especially in an airport where food is expensive, scarce, and life-sustaining nourishment. It’s a known common man law that you don’t mess with another man’s fries — especially when traveling — but it’s also common man law that Bill Murray gets to go whatever the hell Bill Murray wants to do.

Bill Murray wins again. He is a master thief, after all.

(Via Mashable)