Sacha Baron Cohen Had A ‘Crazy’ Prank Idea To Put Another Trump Crony ‘In A Bed’ With Borat’s Daughter In ‘Borat 2’

Donald Trump called Sacha Baron Cohen a “creep” for pranking Rudy Giuliani when Borat Subsequent Moviefilm was released last October, but if the president had actually watched the movie, he’d know that his attorney was the real creep. Giuliani was caught in the movie with his hand in the cookie jar (if the cookie jar was his pants), which “discredited anything he was trying to do,” according to director Jason Woliner. The black goo-dripping and cigars- and gold coins-hawking in the following months didn’t help, either. But although Giuliani was a “day one” target for Baron Cohen, the Borat team had “20 to 30” other Trump cronies in mind to prank, including the MyPillow guy.

“We had this crazy idea to do a socially distanced interview with Mike Lindell and Borat’s daughter, and since we couldn’t do it indoors, we’d do it in the edge of the woods or some kind of wasteland,” Borat Subsequent Moviefilm co-writer and producer Anthony Hines told Variety. “There would be a mattress there with a load of MyPillow products and Borat would find Mike Lindell at the edge of the woods in a bed with his daughter. The MyPillow guy would then have to explain what the hell was going on. That was just one harebrained alternative to the scene that ended up in the movie.”

Hines and Baron Cohen wanted Tutar to interview Donald Trump, Jr. or even Donald Trump, but “we had 20 to 30 people in the Trump universe that could have been the subject of that interview, and with the possible exception of Trump himself, Giuliani was the one we wanted the most.” They got him, in more ways than one.

(Via Variety)