Cameron Crowe Will Pave Paradise To Put Up A Joni Mitchell Biopic

When he got the chance to conduct a dream interview with Joni Mitchell for Rolling Stone in 1979, Cameron Crowe led off by asking her if there were any myths about her she wanted to dispel. She answered that, “I do have this reputation for being a serious person. I’m a very analytical person, a somewhat introspective person; that’s the nature of the work I do. But this is only one side of the coin, you know. I love to dance. I’m a rowdy. I’m a goodtimer. Mind you, I haven’t seen too many good parties since I left my hometown. People go to parties here mostly to conduct business.”

Genius. Poet. Desperate for a good shindig.

Hopefully that personality shines through if Crowe and Mitchell get their biopic off the ground. According to Above the Line, the pair have been collaborating to bring her life story to the big screen. From the report, it sounds like that collaboration is akin to a ghost writer relationship with Mitchell advising and providing input while Crowe is the one putting pen to paper with plans to also producer and direct.

If they can get the project off the ground and into production, it would mark a return to feature filmmaking for Crowe, whose last film was 2015’s Aloha. Although his Roadies series at Showtime was cancelled after one season, acting as conduit for Joni Mitchell‘s autobiography sounds firmly in Crowe’s personal, creative sweet spot. With any luck, they’ll be able to announce that it’s all happening.

(via Above the Line)