Chris Evans Talking About Mustaches With His Boston Accent Is Causing People To Feel… Things

It’s easy to forget that Chris Evans is from Boston, Massachusetts, probably because he doesn’t talk about it every other sentence like most people (Mark Wahlberg) from (Ben Affleck) Boston (all the other Wahlbergs). But the internet got a “hot as hell” reminder of Captain America’s Beantown roots at the Lightyear premiere this week.

A six-second video of Evans talking about mustaches went viral, because… obviously.

The clip is taken from a longer interview between Access and Evans, who was asked what it’s like to replace Tim Allen as the voice of Buzz Lightyear. “It is intimidating, it is a little daunting. You want to make sure you pay homage to Tim because he did such a good job, but you want to try to find a way to give to give it your own interpretation, but you know I put my trust in Pixar,” he said. The Boston accent pops out a little with his pronunciation of “Pixar,” but you really hear it once the mustache chat begins.

Somewhere, Tim Allen is fuming that Twitter isn’t thirsting for him — and somewhere else are “four major drug dealers” who are in prison because The Tool Man snitched on them. Anyway, enjoy!

Lightyear comes out on June 17, while The Gray Man, his most mustachioed role yet, hits Netflix on July 22.