The ‘Clerks III’ Trailer Gets The Band Back Together To… Remake ‘Clerks’ Inside ‘Clerks’? Kevin Smith, You Rascal

For years, Kevin Smith has been trying to get Clerks III off the ground, and for a while, it looked like the only thing View Askew fans would see is a script for a film that never got made. However, Smith persevered, and not only is Clerks III locked in for a theatrical release, but it now has an official trailer that finally tips the plot of the film: Randall wants to make a movie about being a clerk at the Quick Stop. Sound familiar? Get ready for a lot of meta jokes.

Smith dropped the first look at the film on Wednesday along with a poster for the heavily anticipated installment that continues the adventures of Dante, Randall, and the Quick Stop crew:

Clerks III first become a reality back in October 2019 when Smith revealed that original cast members Brian O’Halloran and Jeff Anderson were on board with the project after a get-together with the filmmaker made it clear that they had to come back for one last shift.

“We talked about making a movie together,” Smith wrote on Facebook. “It’ll be a movie that concludes a saga. It’ll be a movie about how you’re never too old to completely change your life. It’ll be a movie about how a decades-spanning friendship finally confronts the future. It’ll be a movie that brings us back to the beginning – a return to the cradle of civilization in the great state of #newjersey. It’ll be a movie that stars Jeff and [Brian O’Halloran], with me and Jay in supporting roles. And it’ll be a movie called CLERKS III!

Clerks III hits theaters on September 13, 2022.

(Via Clerks on Twitter)