Video Proof That Pairing David Duchovny And Julia Louis-Dreyfus For ‘You People’ Interviews Was Genius

Julia Louis-Dreyfus and David Duchovny play the parents of Jonah Hill’s Ezra in You People, so it’s not the most inventive move to pair them interviews about the movie. It’s also Louis-Dreyfus and Duchovny, so getting them together to be charming isn’t rocket surgery. Still! No-brainers can also be brilliant, and the brilliance paid off in the form of our 1990s crushes razzing each other about their hit TV shows when they sat down to chat with Jake Hamilton.

They proclaim that they never met back when Seinfeld and The X-Files were dominating TV screens around the country, which is a shame because the cross-over episode would have been dynamite.

When Louis-Dreyfus says she never saw the seminal sci-fi show, Duchovny jokingly takes offense and says, “I said I watched Seinfeld. I didn’t say I liked it.”

The two showed off old married couple chemistry to the max here, promising a taste of what we’ll see in You People — the buddy comedy directed by Kenya Barris (Black-ish) and starring Jonah Hill trying not to get beaten down by the potential father-in-law (Eddie Murphy) he’s trying to impress. The Netflix film drops January 27th after a slew of trailers that all featured Hill and Murphy being profoundly awkward with each other.