‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ Shows Off Cutting-Edge Animation In A Teaser Trailer

Clearly someone found all the dragon balls because the latest news from the team behind the animated series and films is a wish come true. Earlier today, Toei Animation finally revealed the title of the next entry in the Dragon Ball series: Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. While not much is known about the upcoming movie apart from its 2022 release date, the footage shown during Toei’s Comic-Con panel offers a fans a glimpse at Goku’s updated “movement and feeling.” You can watch the brief trailer in the official Comic-Con International Dragon Ball Special Panel recording over on YouTube starting at 21:50, or in the video above.

In the clip, there’s a visible difference in how Goku moves that is decidedly more hand-drawn looking that ever before. According to the panel, this choice was made by incorporating “a lot of ingenuity using different technologies” into the film and franchise. Furthermore, the members of the Dragon Ball team present at the panel — Son Goku voice actor Masako Nozawa, executive producer of the Dragon Ball series Akio Iyoku , and producer of TV animation and movies for the Dragon Ball series Norihiro Hayashida — said Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will be more experimental than previous entries in the series. However, panel MC Sascha reassured fans that Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama is still heavily involved in the film’s development, much like he was in the critically-acclaimed Dragon Ball Super: Broly:

“Toriyama has written the original story, script, and also the character designs. He’s deeply involved in the story structure, of course, the character design, and every detail of the dialog.”

After years in production and much anticipation, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is scheduled to release sometime next year, though the exact date may vary depending upon region.

(Via SDCC)