This Oscars Supercut Showcasing Every Best VFX Winner Ever Will Melt Your Brain In The Best Possible Way

Movies are swell, aren’t they? Don’t take our word for it. Later this month, the Academy Awards will spend a big-ass chunk of time waxing nostalgic about “the magic of the cinema” while the planet collectively goes “this is the first time I’ve thought about Hugo in ages” during the 18th excellently produced (but sometimes repetitive) montage of the night. We’ll get our share of looks back to the past when this year’s ceremony goes down on February 28, but there’s another Oscar-minded clip that’s worth your time.

(No, it’s not a video of former Academy Award winners reenacting scenes from the Sylvester Stallone film Oscar. We can dream, though.)

Burger Fiction has put together a fascinating supercut that looks at every single visual effects winner in Oscar history. In addition to draining some valuable pub trivia nutrients from this surprisingly swift video, “Every Best Visual Effects Winner. Ever.” can double as an oddly enchanting road map for how far we’ve come in terms of technology, imagination and ability to make adorable sweethearted pigs look like they’re talking when they’re not.

As you might suspect, this overall collection of clips serves up a swirl of images that can still dazzle the eye and capture the heart, although a few offerings aren’t done many favors with age. Either way, hitting play will lead you to a world of explosions, aliens and other worthwhile gawking staples. Who can say no to that?

(via AV Club)