Everything Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘The 6th Day’ Got Right (And Wrong) About 2015

As anyone who’s recently visited Facebook knows all too well, Back to the Future Part II takes place this year. Some of the film’s predictions of what the then-future would look like are spot on — others, not so much.

It’s not the only old film to take place in 2015, though. I don’t blame you for forgetting The 6th Day, Roger Spottiswoode’s misguided science fiction adventure about cloning that’s mostly known for star Arnold Schwarzenegger’s bloated $25 million salary. But it’s set this year, and I watched the thing for the first time since it came out in 2000 to see how close they got to the real 2015.

The Cubs don’t win the World Series, so The 6th Day‘s already doing better than BTTF Part II.


The XFL is not only still around but super popular, with star QB Johnny Phoenix, who plays for the Roadrunners, having just signed a $300 million lifetime contract.


QB VISION. Johnny Phoenix, who really should’ve gotten his own spinoff movie (Johnny Phoenix Goes Hawaiian), scans the defense using his helmet and even receives play calls from his coordinator the same way. Meanwhile, the team’s head coach is all like, “iPad? Never heard of it. I have an XFL-branded Panasonic DVD player.”


Mirrors are personal calendars and deliver the news, like TVs in the back of taxis.


Cloning your pet, or RePet, is acceptable and normal. There’s even a store in the mall for the dedicated purpose of reviving Scruffy. Meanwhile, human cloning is banned thanks to the “Sixth Day” laws because playing God is wrong…unless you’re bringing back a hermit crab.


Self-driving cars are common enough that even Daryl Crowe Jr. has one.


Taxis cost $7 billion (they’re not even Uber!), and come equipped with/sponsored by OnStar.


That supposedly life-like demon spawn is a beloved children’s play-thing, and I don’t mean Arnold. “Hi, I’m SimPal Cindy and I’ll eat your eyeballs while you sleep.”


Fashion has evolved to such a place where dressing like Powder is en vogue, but not so popular that The 6th Day makeup team has to work overtime. Once every 47th person is good enough.


Hologram court-appointed lawyers and therapists, obviously.


Somehow, that screencap is more disturbing than SimPal Cindy. Anyway, Michael Rapaport owns a SexBot, who comes to “life” when he puts some sort of FUTURE TECHNOLOGY on his forehead. She’s like a more sickening, less interesting version of ScarJo in Her.


“I’m seeing double here. Four AHNULDS!” Arnold clones for everyone.


Why is it that in every sci-fi movie, lazy (The 6th Day) or otherwise (not The 6th Day), laser guns are a thing? They’re cool looking and all, and a good excuse to shout “pew pew pew” when pulling the trigger, but unfortunately, in real life, we’re still using bullets. LIKE CAVEMEN.